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Free Book Distribution

02 January 2020

Free Book Distribution
PT Comextra Majora's commitment to continue to help and serve the cashew farmers is realized once again through a CSR activity which is “Free Book Distribution”, about "A Quick Guide to Cashew Cultivation and How to Make Homemade Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides".
This book contains a complete but concise guide about good cultivation practices of cashew tree, also natural homemade organic fertilizer and pesticides. Each process is equipped with pictures, to make it easier for farmers to understand every step of the process.
This book has been distributed to farmers in several areas as follows:
  1. South Sulawesi: Jeneponto, Bantaeng, Bulukumba, Sinjai, Bone, Sidrap, Wajo, Barru, Pangkep, Selayar Island, Jampea Island, Bonerate Island, Lambego Island
  2. Central Sulawesi: Palu, Sigi, Palolo, Parigi, Ampana, Luwuk Banggai, Salakan Island.
  3. Southeast Sulawesi: Kolaka, Kendari, Rahan, Bau-bau
  4. East Nusa Tenggara: Maumere, Ende, Larantuka, Lembata, Kupang, Malacca, Sumba
  5. West Nusa Tenggara: Bima, Dompu, Calabai, Kadindi, Sumbawa, Lombok
The farmers are very grateful and give a very positive response to the distribution of the book. The farmers said that with the book hopefully in the future they will be able to understand more about good cultivation practices of cashew tree, how to make organic fertilizers as well as pest control using organic pesticides, so that their cashew tree can produce a lush and healthy fruit, also can save the caring costs because they can utilize simple materials and ingredients certainly easy to find. We hope farmers will use and apply the content that included in this book so that they can become an independent farmers.