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Training for Vocational High School Students

26 February 2020

Training for Vocational High School Students
Vocational High School (SMK) is closely related with industry because Vocational High Schools are one of the formal educations which have the aim to prepare students with skills and ready to enter the workforce, which is definitely needed by industrial company.
To support the vocational school, PT Comextra Majora through CSR activities of education sector, has visited SMK Negeri 7 Selayar to conduct training of cashew cultivation. Training materials including pruning, fertilizing and top grafting techniques. Training was divided in two session, classroom session and practice at the cashew plantation.
The students was very enthusiastic in attending this training and they hope that they could apply all the training materials that had been delivered by the Comextra Plantation Team in helping their parents' managing their cashew plantation, where around 80% are cashew farmers.
Comextra Plantation Team also stressed that by applying the good agriculture practice on cashew plant, it could increase farmers' incomes since it will maximize the crops both in quantity and quality.