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Employee Training - Industry 4.0

10 February 2019

Employee Training - Industry 4.0
MAKASSAR - The development of science and technology has changed the industrial world globally. Starting from the first industrial revolution when handicraft economy replaced by machine manufacturing. Then in the second generation the invention of electricity has triggered the emergence of telephones, cars, airplanes and any other invention. Furthermore in the third industry revolution, it was marked by the emergence of digital and internet technology, and now in the fourth industry revolution is characterized by artificial intelligence, super computer, genetical manipulation, nano technology, automatic cars and other innovations that impact on the economy , industry, government and politics.
Therefore given the importance of awareness about how to deal with the challenges and changes in fourth Industrial revolution, PT Comextra Majora held “Strategic Business Transformation In  Industry 4.0” training for all employees on 26-27 January 2019 and 9-10 Feb 2019.
The speaker in this activity is Noor Muhandisuddin, a practitioner and trainer who has more than 18 years of experience in human capital. Training topics include general description and history of the industrial revolution, challenges and opportunities in Industry 4.0, also strategies and skills needed to deal with industry 4.0.
With this training it is hoped will refresh and open the employee mindset also to increase knowledge on how to deal with the changes that occurred in the Industry 4.0, as well as how to change our behavior so that we are ready and able to become a reliable human resource in dealing with the technology advances and to create strategies and innovations.